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Meta Mansions

Meta Mansions has a simple goal and that is collectors get a unique piece of digital art to add to their collection as well as enjoying that piece of art in the real word.


Our collectors enjoy their outdoor living space in a digital setting & show it off in their collection of other NFTs.



We build their dream outdoor living space as a real life model of the digital asset.  Collectors can enjoy their outdoor living space in their very own backyard. 

20180717_130943 (1).jpg


Thats it!  We want to build one of a kind outdoor living, landscapes, and pool spaces.  What a perfect way to start that process by buying a one of a kind NFT model of your project.  

Get your Meta Mansion on OpenSea now


After purchasing your Meta Mansion we'll go through the design & build process just like our other walk in customers.

The design will most likely need to be fitted to your property unless its a new build and designed completely around your NFT.

Your Meta Mansion price covers the material and labor for up to 70% of what the current value of the crypto you paid with. 


Example: $100k Meta Mansion paid in Ether

$70k is for actual labor and material cost 

$30k is Profit for CryptoScape Team 

What if you decide you don't want to work with us after purchasing your NFT?  Or going through the design phase, you are having second thoughts.  No worries, we'll purchase the NFT back for 5% less than what you paid.  for example 100 ether- we'll buy it back for 95 ether.

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