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Project Roadmap

200 CryptoScapes Minted: 1st Investment Property & Giveaway
500 CryptoScapes Minted: Community Wallet 
2000 CryptoScapes Minted:
Exclusive Merchandise Design Phase
All CryptoScapes Minted:
$100k Outdoor Living Space Giveaway
See where the community will take us!
100 CryptoScapes Minted
Instagram/Discord giveaway
250 CryptoScapes Minted:
Search for project ambassadors
1000 CryptoScapes Minted: 
Aquascape/Water Feature Giveaway
3000 CryptoScapes Minted: 
Release Exclusive Merch
Video Coverage of the $100k Outdoor Living Space Installation

Investment Properties

Every 200 CryptoScapes Minted an investment property will be available which will earn a select few $20 to $40 worth of cryptocurrency per day to the wallet address of your choosing.  Total investment properties to be available = 35

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