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CryptoScapes Contest

Want to win the outdoor living space design of your dreams?  Then you are in the right place!

CryptoScapes designs breathtaking outdoor living spaces and landscapes, and now you can win the outdoor living space of your dreams.

That's right!  An outdoor living space valued up to $120,000 and $30,000.00 cash.  Pool, patio, outdoor kitchen, water feature and more.  

How does it work?

Two methods for entry, one is purchasing a NFT from CryptoScapes in the Opensea marketplace.  These are unique customized outdoor living designs.  

Or the second option of purchasing the Outdoor Living + Landscape Design Package found here.

The NFTs' are also redeemable for a customized design package from CyrptoScapes tailored to your personal home, business, or future property.   Click above for more info on our design packages.

Once you have your NFT or purchased the design package you will need to submit photos of where you intend to have the project completed.  Along with your photos a video explaining why your property deserves to win.  

Terms and conditions

Video Upload

Your video will have to be seen by the public or at least our followers on social media/youtube.  So don't share or show anything you would not want the public to see or know about.  

The video should be about current landscaping and outdoor living spaces.  As well as what you would like to see in your dream space.  Things to be considered are 

  • Age of the current landscaping 

  • Current condition

  • Lifestyle-

    • for example small get togethers or party animal 

    • pool vs no pool

    • etc.

  • Overall quality of video 

  • Not to long- less than 5 minutes

Your video will be uploaded to our social media for it to be voted on and the top 20 videos are moved on to the next and final task a crossword puzzle.

Upload in the Contest entry form below 


via email:

Choosing the winner

Rules of the contest

After submitting your video for the contest and we have received all the submissions we will post them all (starting in the order we received them) to our Instagram for voting.  

Voting will last for 14 full days.

The top 100 video submissions will have to complete an online crossword puzzle to determine the winner of the CSD Contest and enjoy your dream outdoor living space.

Contest only available to the United States

Contest not available in Florida, Rhode Island, or New York.

One entry per property- property is a home, business, or one future property allowed per person.

Maximum of 2 entries per person, must purchase 2 NFT's or two Outdoor & Landscape Design Packages or one of each.

Must be 18 years of age or older.

In the event of a tie, a word search puzzle will be used for the tie-breaker and to determine the winner.

Maximum of 1000 entries

Minimum of 500 entries


Void where prohibited 

The contest ends 8-28-22 or when the maximum number of entries has been reached.

Once the contest ends, contestants will have 21 days to have their video submitted.  

After all video submissions have been received, we will post them in the order we received them.  

Video submissions can be voted on for 14 days.  

The top 100 video contestants will complete a crossword puzzle to determine the winner of the contest.

Participants can exchange their NFT for a custom design package from CryptoScapes Design once the contest is over.

If the minimum number of entries is not reached by 8-28-22 then the contest will be extended till the minimum is reached (extension period). 


No more than the minimum will be allowed during the extension period.  Once the minimum is hit no more entries will be allowed.

All participants must purchase NFT from CryptoScapes Design from the OpenSea Marketplace or an Outdoor living + Landscape design package.

All participants must submit their video to CryptoScapes Design via the entry form below or via email along with your entry form submission.  

All participants must complete a user-generated content release form.

The winner will be notified by email, phone, or social media, or any combination of the three methods.

The winner must complete a Winner release/liability affidavit

No warranties or guarantees with the prize(s) resulting from the use or misuse of the prize(s).

No warranty or guarantees on contractor results.  

Contestants release their rights to their video(s) and allow us to post them to our social media and/or website royalty-free.

rules of contest

The Prize

o$120,000.00 Outdoor living and Landscape project from a contractor of your choice and $30,000.00 cash.  This could be a combination of :

  • pool

  • patio

  • decks

  • seatwall

  • retaining wall

  • fireplace/pit

  • outdoor kitchen

  • water feature

  • landscaping

The project would ideally be constructed around your entry design but ultimately the winner can choose to have another contractor create a design or modify the one you entered with.

If your project is more than $120,000 you would have to cover the difference.    

If your project is under $120,000 you will receive the difference along with your cash portion of the prize.

Enter The CryptoScapes Contest- Win a $120,000 Outdoor Living & Landscape project
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