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CryptoScapes- Virtual to Reality

CryptoScapes is a one-of-a-kind NFT project comprised of still images and 3-D video renderings of landscapes and outdoor living spaces.  


Still images could have up to 65 variations in overall style. 

Transition Stills- are short videos of still images transitioning into their style


Both still images and transition stills can be used towards the purchase of a design package- Think of it as a credit towards the cost

3-D video renderings on average are 20 seconds long, which gives you a sneak peek of unique and gorgeous landscapes.   These can also be exchanged for an Outdoor living design package(Only the 3-D video renderings).

Collectors may receive a surprise token of appreciation (TOA).  Be sure to check your unlockable content :) 


Tokens of Appreciation (TOA) possibly included but not limited to:  

  • Design package voucher

  • Ethereum & other cryptocurrencies

  • NFT(s)

  • Headphones or speakers

  • Laptop or Computer

  • Tv or Monitor

  • 3-D Printer

  • Exclusive merchandise

  • and more

One token holder will win an outdoor living space worth up to $100,000.00 - That's right we will cover up to $100k worth of outdoor living space.


3500 CryptoScapes will be released by April 20th, 2023.  All tokens will be marked up to sale price once the entire collection is uploaded to Opensea, but are available now for pre-sale.  

CryptoScapes NFTs will be minted over the next few weeks and will be on pre-sale till all are uploaded.  Once all tokens have been uploaded, the remaining unsold tokens will be marked up to the sale price.

           Get your CryptoScapes NFT on 


Once all CryptoScapes have been minted and all gifts and TOA have been awarded - One lucky token holder will win an outdoor living space valued at $100k. 


An outdoor living space being a pool, patio, and or deck with included accessories like kitchen appliances, TVs, audio, seating areas and fire pit or fireplace.

The winner can choose an ether prize option instead.

Stay up to date via our Instagram or discord

Project Roadmap

200 CryptoScapes Minted: 1st Investment Property & Giveaway
500 CryptoScapes Minted: Community Wallet 
2000 CryptoScapes Minted:
Exclusive Merchandise Design Phase
All CryptoScapes Minted:
$100k Outdoor Living Space Giveaway
See where the community will take us!
250 CryptoScapes Minted:
NFT Giveaway 
1000 CryptoScapes Minted: 
Aquascape/Water Feature Giveaway
3000 CryptoScapes Minted: 
Release Exclusive Merch
Video Coverage of the $100k Outdoor Living Space Construction
100 CryptoScapes Minted
Instagram/Discord giveaway

Investment Properties

Every 200 CryptoScapes Minted an investment property will be available which will earn you $20 to $40 worth of cryptocurrency per day to the wallet address of your choosing.

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